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The ONLINE Texas Cooperative Course™ (Happy Children, 2 Homes) is a 4-hour parent education class designed especially for separated and divorcing parents. Many Texas Family Courts require a parenting class before finalizing a divorce involving minor children or when modifying court orders.


Everything you need to fulfill the court requirement is provided 100% online and INCLUDED in the price. Unlike other companies, there are no hidden fees for your certificate. Parents love our class because it is affordable, convenient, complete, and court-accepted.


Is it challenging to find 4 hours in your schedule? You can take the course in easy, 30-minute segments. Return to finish when you have time. The course will save your progress!


We are the ONLY online parenting class written by licensed professionals at a Texas Domestic Relations Office. Our class satisfies all requirements of Texas Family Code section 105.009, Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. Court Acceptance is guaranteed if your court allows online learning, or your money back. ** View Prices and Discounts

Created by Texans for TEXANS!

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You will receive:

  • Complete, 100% Online Course
  • 8 units, 30-minutes each
  • Register Now, Start Later: 24/7 Course Access
  • Log in/ Log Out from any device  … Auto-bookmarking feature saves your place
  • English or Spanish
  • Official Certificate for Court –  Emailed to you instantly upon completion. Download & Print. NO WAITING * NO EXTRA FEEcertificate-31872_1280
  • LOW COST: Only $34.95 per person / Best value on the web!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee**: Court acceptance is guaranteed if your court permits online learning, or your money back.  
  • NOTE: Some companies offer a low price for the course, but then charge up to $45 extra in delivery fees if you need to receive your certificate quickly. We don’t do that. There is no extra fee.
  • BONUS: You will receive free updates and helpful articles by email to support you monthly after the course. Parents love this! But if you decide you don’t want them, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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    Who Should Enroll?

  • Divorcing Parents
  • Separated, divorced, or never-married parents experiencing conflict regarding access, visitation, and custody of children
  • Parents required by the court to complete a Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course
  • Anyone seeking to help children following a family break-up
  • Those parents who need flexibility in course scheduling due to work, time, or location constraints
  • Everyone is welcome

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    **Our Guarantee:

If your Texas court accepts ONLINE courses to satisfy the Parent Education requirement for divorce, then we guarantee it will accept this course, or your money back upon written proof of decline by the court. Before enrolling, it is your responsibility to please check with your court or agency to be sure an ONLINE course is acceptable to your judge or referring official. A classroom version is also available in Austin, Texas.

A Sample of the Course is Available

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Participants will Learn: 

  • How Divorce Impacts the Family & Ways to Help their Children Recover
  • Ways to Restructure the Relationship from “Husband” and “Wife” to “Co-Parents”
  • Positive Co-Parenting Strategies for Raising Well-Adjusted Children in 2 Homes
  • Skills to Communicate Effectively, End Conflict, and Manage Anger
  • Where to Find Additional Resources

COURSE OUTLINE: Module 1: Parents, Children, & the Court; Module 2: Positive Co-Parenting Practices; Module 3: Child Development; Module 4: Communication; Module 5: Conflict Resolution; Module 6: Anger Management; Module 7: Facts About Family Violence & Abuse; Module 8: Financial Responsibilities of Parenting

Our Course was Mentioned in The Texas Bar Journal!

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    Testimonials – What Parents are Saying:


  • “Excellent course. I enjoyed all of it. I enjoyed the Anger Management section. It is more detailed than other courses I have been to.” —Mr. R. Sanchez, El Paso, Texas
  • “My favorite part was the discussion regarding how to create a more professional business like-relationship with my Ex. I was pleased and would refer it to friends. I referred it to my Ex as well.” —A Dad in Houston, Texas
  • “This is one of the best, more informative on-line classes I have ever taken. Believe me, I have taken and taught many types of classes in my career. I think the course has something for everyone who is getting a divorce where children are involved. It has caused me personally to reflect and make sure whatever I do, I always have my son’s best interest in mind.” —A Divorcing Mom in Austin, Texas
  • “I never thought an internet course can be so beneficial. This was an excellent demonstration, and I recommend any family going through a divorce or child custody battle should take this course. I has helped me tremendously in the way I see things. I really appreciate the work you put into the program.” —Mr. William A. Johnson, Jr., Houston, Texas

    What Experts are Saying:

    “The curriculum from which this course is based is an excellent source of help and information for any family going through the pains of separation, divorce, or any family law matter involving conflict. I highly recommend that all professionals, elected officials, and social service providers make this course available to anyone needing help.

    –Scot M. Doyal, President, Texas Association of Domestic Relations Offices

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    Texas Approved 

    Previously available only in-person in Austin, Texas, this popular course is now available 100% ONLINE. It is widely accepted by judges and courts throughout Texas. Please check with your court or attorney to be sure an ONLINE course is acceptable to your judge or referring official.

    You can move forward today! 

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