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4-hour Class, 100% Online: Now Court-Approved Harris County, Texas

TXparent.com is now offering a Parenting Class for divorcing parents in Harris County and the greater Houston area that is 100% Online and Court-Approved. All parents who are divorcing in Harris County with minor children are court-mandated to complete a Parent Education class by Family Local Rule 12.1 before the divorce can be finalized.

The name of the online class is The Texas Cooperative Parenting Course. It is COURT-APPROVED by every Family Court Judge in Harris County, except Judge Lisa Millard who requires an in-person class. If you are looking for a Houston Parenting Course to take Online, the judges who have approved this class for the Harris County requirement are as follows:

Judge Court Approval
Judge Roy L. Moore 345th Court Approved
Judge Jim York 246th Court Approved
Judge Bonnie Crane-Hellums 247th Court Approved
Judge Judy Warne 257th Court Approved
Judge James Lombardino 308th Court Approved
Judge Sheri Y. Dean 309th Court Approved
Judge Denise Pratt 311th Court Approved
Judge David Farr 312th Court Approved


By taking the class, parents will learn ways to end conflict, positively co-parent children in 2 homes, and help their children adjust to divorce. Houston parents love the class because it is complete, affordable, and convenient. The fee is $34.95 per person, which includes the 4-hour class 100% online (in English or Spanish) and a Certificate of Completion to file with the court.

What Parents Are Saying:

“My favorite part [of the class] was the discussion regarding how to create a more professional business-like relationship with my Ex. I was very pleased and would refer it to friends. I referred it to my Ex, as well.” –A Father in Houston, Texas

Enroll Today!

Enrolling is easy at the website www.TXparent.com, and the class is available 24/7 from any computer. Parents can complete the class at their own pace.

Most parents who take a Houston Parenting Course are doing so to fulfill a court or legal requirement. However, all parents, stepparents, and grandparents (and anyone who wishes to assist children) are welcome to attend the class without a court order, simply to receive the excellent information and help that it provides. Please visit www.txparent.com to enroll now. ###