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Accepted by courts in Harris and Fort Bend Counties to finalize your divorce

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Harris County - Accepted by these courts:
245 Judge Roy L. Moore
247 Judge John Schmude
308 Judge James Lombardino
311 Judge Alicia Franklin York
507 Judge Alyssa Lemkuil
246 Judge Charley Prine
257 Judge Judy Warne
309 Judge Sheri Y. Dean
312 Judge David Farr
Fort Bend County - Accepted by these courts:
328th District Court – Judge Ronald R. Pope
387th District Court – Judge Brenda G. Mullinix
You are one step closer to finalizing your divorce. Get your coupon now!
Joan NortonTexas Attorney
Course Manager

We have been providing the Texas Cooperative Parenting Course online for parents throughout Texas since 2010. I am a Texas attorney whose own parents divorced when I was young, and I have learned that children can be happy and successful –whether raised in one home or two."

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