What Parents Are Saying:

  • “Excellent course. I enjoyed all of it. I enjoyed the Anger Management section. It is more detailed than other courses I have been to.” —Mr. R. Sanchez, El Paso, Texas
  • “My favorite part was the discussion regarding how to create a more professional business like-relationship with my Ex. I was pleased and would refer it to friends. I referred it to my Ex as well.” —A Dad in Houston, Texas
  • “This is one of the best, more informative on-line classes I hae ever taken. Believe me, I have taken and taught many types of classes in my career. I think the course has something for everyone who is getting a divorce where children are involved. It has caused me personally to reflect and make sure whatever I do, I always have my son’s best interest in mind.” —A Divorcing Mom in Austin, Texas
  • “I never thought an internet course can be so beneficial. This was an excellent demonstration, and I recommend any family going through a divorce or child custody battle should take this course. I has helped me tremendously in the way I see things. I really appreciate the work you put into the program.” —Mr. William A. Johnson, Jr., Houston, Texas

What Experts are Saying:

“The curriculum from which this course is based is an excellent source of help and information for any family going through the pains of separation, divorce, or any family law matter involving conflict. I highly recommend that all professionals, elected officials, and social service providers make this course available to anyone needing help.”

– Scot M. Doyal, President, Texas Association of Domestic Relations Offices

“Children deserve a stable, loving, and nurturing home. When parents cannot resolve their differences or are in high conflict with one another, the children are the ones who feel that tension, are frightened by it and feel unstable, concerned, and stressed. These feelings make it difficult for children to do their jobs, which are to do good in school, do their chores at home, make friends, have fun at play, and feel safe. Therefore, it goes without saying that our children in Travis County are better off when parents can figure out how to cooperate with each other in making parenting decisions.”

– Judge Darlene Byrne, 126th Judicial District Court, Travis County, Texas



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