The ONLINE Texas Cooperative Parenting Course™ satisfies Texas Family Code sec. 105.009, Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course. If your court accepts ONLINE education to fulfill the parent education requirement for divorce, then we guarantee it will accept our course or your money back. Please check with your court or attorney to be sure an ONLINE course is acceptable to your judge or referring official. 

A classroom version is also available in-person in Austin, Texas.


As of 9/26/16

It is our understanding that every Family Court in HARRIS COUNTY, Texas accepts our online course, except Judge Lisa Millard (310th District Court), which requires parents to attend a course in-person.

In LUBBOCK County, every District Court accepts our online course.

In FORT BEND County, every District Court (328th and 387th) accepts our online course.

In MONTGOMERY County, Judge Tracy Gilbert prefers that parents take an in-person course, but you may inquire with the Court if an in-person course is not possible.

In BEXAR County, Judge Renee McElhaney (73rd District Court) has information about our online course, and may accept it at the court’s discretion depending on your circumstances – please inquire with the court.

In TRAVIS County, the online course is generally accepted in place of the CPP in-person course, but please verify with your Judge.

For other counties in Texas, please inquire with your Judge.

If you would like to add info about your Court to this list, please email us today. Thanks!

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Austin, Texas

You can take the in-person version of this course at The Travis County Domestic Relations Office in downtown Austin, Texas. To view the schedule, please visit:  Parenting Class Page and look for the Calendar link or phone (512) 854-9216 for assistance.






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