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*Complete 4-hour E-class

*100% ONLINE

*Easy to Use

*24/7 Access

*OFFICIAL CERTIFICATE is included in the price – No waiting for the snail mail. Need your certificate for court tomorrow? Print it immediately as soon as you complete the course! **No extra fees – This service is INCLUDED.** Forward your certificate to your attorney, if you don’t have a printer. Many of our students do this.

*START NOW, finish later. Auto-bookmarking holds your place. 

**100% Guaranteed TEXAS court-acceptance or your money back.

***We are the ONLY online Parent Education class written by a TEXAS Domestic Relations Office especially for divorced and separating parents.

NOTE: Family law varies from state to state. We bring you the information and resources that apply to TEXAS. Unlike other courses, we are not marketed nationwide. We are Texas-proud and made especially for TEXANS!

Participants will Learn:

  • How Divorce Impacts the Family & Ways to Help their Children Recover
  • How to Restructure the Relationship from “Husband” and “Wife” to “Co-Parents”
  • Positive Co-Parenting Strategies for Raising Well-Adjusted Children in 2 Homes
  • Skills to Communicate Effectively, End Conflict, and Manage Anger
  • Where to Find Additional Resources
Our Guarantee:

**If your Texas court accepts ONLINE courses to satisfy the Parent Education requirement for divorce, then we guarantee it will accept this course, or your money back upon written proof of decline by the court. Before enrolling, it is your responsibility to please check with your court or agency to be sure an ONLINE course is acceptable to your judge or referring official.  A classroom version is also available in Austin, Texas.

Course Outline

* Introduction
* Part 1: Parents, Children, and the Court
* Part 2: Positive Co-Parenting Practices
* Part 3: Child Development
* Part 4: Communication, including How to Create a Business-Like Relationship with Your Child’s other Parent
* Part 5: Conflict Resolution
* Part 6: Anger Management
* Part 7: Special Interest Topics: Family Violence; Child Abuse & Neglect; and the Financial Responsibilities of Parenting

*We meet ALL the requirements as stated in the Texas Family Code 105.009 (Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course).

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Previously available only in-person in Austin, Texas, this popular course is now available 100% ONLINE. Parents love our course because it is complete, affordable, and convenient.

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